Statement from Brownback

Submitted by Bob Montgomery

Gov. Sam Brownback issued the following statement in response to proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulations on energy producers.
“A recent study conducted by the Kansas Corporation Commission has shown that Kansas homeowners, schools, and businesses are already paying an extra $227 million a year to pay for President Obama’s overregulation of energy producers, an increase of 9.4 percent since 2007. 

“Today’s news that the EPA will be imposing even more expensive regulations on Kansas utilities, and doing so without approval from Congress, is very troubling as it further disrupts the balance that must be achieved between protecting the environment and growing the economy,” Brownback said.

“Furthermore, these regulations will continue to raise the cost of living for every Kansan, making the burden on those who are already struggling to pay their bills each month unnecessarily more difficult.  Kansas has been working hard to do its part to protect the environment by supporting clean coal technologies at the new plant in Holcomb, as well as diversifying our energy portfolio with wind and natural gas. 

“This is more of the Obama Administration’s war against middle America…more cost and more regulation.  We need Kansas solutions for Kansans.”

How to live forever!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Friend Bob Montgomery sent this to me and I thought I would pass it along.)

A man was awakened Christmas Eve by a ghost of Christmases past.

“I can grant you one wish,” the ghost said.

The man, without any hesitation, answered, “I want to live forever!”

“Sorry,” the ghost said. “I’m not allowed to grant eternal life.” Continue reading

Learning the rules of fishing at Branson

It was this big

Yours truly (center) demonstrates how big the trout was that he caught but eventually let go during a fishing trip to Branson, Mo., with buddies Bob Montgomery (left) and Pete Oppermann (right). The demonstration may be a bit exaggerated.

A small break in the legislative window was all that District 26 Rep. Bob Montgomery, R-Olathe, needed to get away for a day-and-a-half of fishing this past weekend. And he didn’t have to ask twice for Olathe landscape architect Pete Oppermann and me to tag along for a quick jaunt to Branson, Mo., and Taneycomo.

We were on the road before 5:30 last Sunday morning. It was a great sunrise and with traffic light we were making good time while talking politics, fishing, and about our lives in general.

After a quick stop at a local angler shop to get some information on what the trout were hitting on, we pulled into the parking lot just below the dam and within minutes were in the water. I felt a solid hit on my first cast. I slowly reeled it it and it was putting up a pretty good fight swimming from one side to the other and then quickly darting towards me and back out again. Continue reading

Olatheans will miss Montgomery on council

Bob Montgomery

When not conducting city, state, or personal business, Bob Montgomery often can be found trout fishing at Bennett Spring, Mo.

Bob Montgomery is a true Olathean in every sense of the word.

Not just because he grew up in this community when it was nothing more than a small, rural town with a couple of grain elevators and a thriving downtown where farmers and their families would come to town at least once a week to shop, but because he truly cares about Olathe and the people who live here.

That’s the main reason he ran for the at-large seat on Olathe’s City Council 15 years ago. It’s one of the reasons he has decided to resign from the council. Continue reading

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