Trout plus The Shack equals a great time

One of my two 14-inch trout caught this past week.

I am not an expert angler. I am not an expert at fly fishing. And I’m certainly not an expert at catching trout.

But boy do I enjoy trying!

And since my brother, Mark’s motorcycle broke down and we were unable to go on our trip to Colorado, I decided to go fishing instead. Continue reading

Colorado or Bust! … is a bust!


What’s that old saying about the best laid plans?

My gear was packed. The motorcycle was ready to go with new plugs, air filter and front brake pads. It was cleaned, the chrome was polished and everything was ready for my brother Mark and me to leave Saturday morning for a week-long motorcycle trip to Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

I was sitting in my comfy front-room chair watching television when the phone rang. Continue reading

Slideshow of granddaughter Alexandra’s visit

Our oldest granddaughter Alexandra came back from Seattle with us and was here five days before her dad, our oldest son Rob, got here from his home in Colorado. They stayed another five days before heading back to Aspen.

We had a great time and here is a slideshow of just a few of the photos I took.

Next on my agenda is putting together a slideshow of our time with youngest daughter Jessica in Seattle.

And then putting together some videos.

Kids and grandkids sure keep a person busy. I wonder how I ever had time for work!!!!

Parting shots of Dylan and Carys

Getting back into the routine can be difficult after so much time away being with grandkids, being with your kids far away, and then having kids and grandkids at your house when you come home.

But Terri and I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a great time hosting daughter Sherri and her kids, Dylan and Carys, 5-4, from Colorado for two weeks at the end of June.

Here are some parting shots put together in a slideshow. Enjoy! Continue reading

Just one question: Why?

Just one thought before I head out to start this week with my grandchildren, Dylan, 5 and Carys, 4, visiting from Colorado:

The cost of a barrel of continues its freefall. In fact, it’s down another $1.50 to $82.52 a barrel even as I type this at 8:47 Monday morning, June 18. Yet one day last week, when we left Olathe in the morning, the cost of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $3.35 (which still is too damn high) and when we returned late that afternoon it had jumped to $3.45 a gallon.

My question is why?

Getting ready for the grandkids

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Posts over the next five weeks could be few and far between. Daughter Sherri and grandkids Dylan and Carys arrive Tuesday, June 12, for two weeks, and then the day after they leave, wife Terri and I leave for Seattle for three weeks to see daughter, Jessica. During the next five weeks, I’ll post what I can when I can.)

What a hectic week:

Three days of yard work and still not done; spent hours and hours scanning photos and putting together a slide show with music for my niece’s party this past weekend celebrating her graduation from Pittsburg State (she has a teaching degree in elementary education and needs a job!); spent time with grandkids Rylin and her new baby sister Ashlyn, roofer and insurance adjuster came out to survey the hail damage to our roof from last year (we’re getting a new roof), and my wife and I began cleaning and rearranging the house in preparation for the arrival of our daughter, Sherri, and her two grandkids from Colorado on Tuesday, June 12.

I’m thinking the next two weeks will make this past week feel like a walk in the park Continue reading

A lot of miles, but always worth it

Birthday Cake

Granddaughter Carys, grandson Dylan and their friend Avery help me celebrate my '56th' birthday.

I hear a lot of people talk about how much they dislike driving across “the flat” state of Kansas on their way to ski somewhere in Colorado’s Rockie Mountains.

Yes, Kansas is pretty flat.

Yes, I-70 is pretty straight.

And yes, it can be boring, but only if you let it because the Flint Hills of Kansas as well as the western plains are pretty nice scenery. I never get tired of driving across the state. Neither does wife Terri. I’ll drive for two hours then we stop, stretch our legs, get something to drink and maybe eat, then Terri drives for two hours. It’s a routine we’ve done for years and when we reach our destination, we’re not that tired. Continue reading

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