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(EDITOR’S NOTE: David Chartrand is an adjunct and the writing coach for a small class of student journalists at Benedictine College where I’m an adjunct. The following editorial piece is a sample of some of the students’ work.)

Eating disorters

by Nora Bingaman

Eating disorders are among the cruelest diseases, afflicting many but outwardly visible to few.   Like the characters in science fiction movies and novels, the victims of eating disorders are trapped inside a world of misleading and fake images, unable to save themselves from the villains of these deceptions. It is nearly impossible to form a healthy self-image

 in a world that shows us that every flaw and failure can be easily fixed by Photoshop, a diet, or workout craze.

Society obsesses over perfect bodies. The obsession is fueled by technology in general and the Internet in particular. It began years ago with Photoshop, Adobe’s wildly popular, and expensive, photo-editing software. Nowadays any number of inexpensive smartphone apps can import a photo and remove every blemish, every wrinkle, and every double chin. In the way popular trends are turned into verbs, the act of digitally altering one’s appearance is now referred to as “photoshopping.” Continue reading

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