We hold this truth self-evident:
Evolution debate is a waste of time

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

It is long past time for Kansas to resolve the ongoing wrangle over teaching evolution v creationism in public schools.  For crying out loud, we haven’t even chosen an official state fish.

I propose that all Kansas schools be required to teach that human life evolved from the honey bee, which is the official state insect. This way the State Legislature can return to more pressing issues, such as writing new jokes about the Kansas Supreme Court.

Kansas is not alone in this dilemma.  The original U.S. Bill of Rights, which was written on parchment paper and accidentally erased, stipulated that every state hold an annual debate about how the world began. This provides weary public officials a respite from Medicaid reform and mental health services, both of which are as important as evolution but not nearly as entertaining. Continue reading

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