Questions, lists and an ancient blessing

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

Glaring non-participants in the push for community mental health care reform: Local pastors and senior church leaders.  Perhaps it’s time to ask what Jesus would do …?
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History in the making as Republicans advance the theory that a glitched website is grounds for removal from public office.
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Congress wants heads to roll for the glitches plaguing the new health insurance websites.  Nothing mentioned, yet, about the Top 5 worst practitioners of Internet customer service:  (1) Banks (2) Hospitals (3) Credit Cards (4) Apple iTunes Store (5) Facebook.
  You have your list; I have mine. Continue reading


Hotels, tax breaks and morons

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

In its quest for a first-class conference hotel, Olathe has awarded humongo tax breaks for a new Embassy Suites with only 25,000 square meet of meeting space. RESULT: Olathe must keep looking for a first-class conference hotel.
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Awaiting the new film about J.D. Salinger. Favorite “Catcher in the Rye” quote:  “All morons hate it when you call them a moron.”
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Second favorite “Catcher” quote:  “I don’t exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it.”
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MNU memo for the week of Aug. 26

School Begins

Registration Aug. 26.

Fall semester begins Aug. 27

Labor Day, campus offices closed, no classes Sept. 2

Welcome Week: Aug. 27 – Sept. 3

Tuesday           Aug. 27 – White Light Event

Wednesday      Aug. 28 – Late Night Breakfast and Bingo

Thursday          Aug. 29 – Prayer Walk

Friday               Aug. 30 – Root Beer Fest

Saturday           Aug. 31 – “The Price is Right”

Sunday             Sept. 1 – Water Wars followed by “Vespers Worship”

Monday            Sept. 2 –  KC Royals vs. Seattle Mariners at the K

Tuesday           Sept. 3 – Community Fair

For times and locations visit My Campus portal and click on Student Activities calendar.

Auditions for Fall Musical Aug. 28– Annie Get Your Gun

Everyone is welcome, Olathe community, faculty, staff, students and children 10 and up. Help MNU Theatre gather a great group of actors, singers, dancers and extras. Wednesday, August 28, from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Sunderland Black Box Theatre in Bell Center. Callbacks Thursday, August 29, from 5 to 7 and 9 to 10:00 p.m. Continue reading

The “green thing” of the past

I know this probably has been floating around awhile on the Internet. Don’t know if it’s true, but it doesn’t really matter because I think it’s worth passing it along some more to folks. Thanks to my Facebook friend Lesle Knop for posting this the other day.

Here it is:

Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment.

The woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this green thing back in my earlier days.” The young clerk responded, “That’s our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment f or future generations.”

She was right — our generation didn’t have the green thing in its day. Continue reading

Leadership Olathe Alumni news

Leadership Olathe Alumni Blood Drive

The 2nd Annual LOAA Blood Drive in partnership with the American Red Cross took place last month. Despite having to reschedule due to a snow storm, we were pleased with the donor turnout. Thanks to steering committee member, Mary Kay Crall, who organized the event, as well as the Olathe Fire Department who hosted it at the Fire Administration Building.

Leadership Olathe Liaisons

A social event for Leadership Olathe Alumni who are serving as mentors for the 2013 class took place in March. The half-way point for the current leadership session is fast approaching and we look forward to seeing many LO Alums at this year’s graduation on May 16th, 6 p.m. at the Ball Conference Center, 21350 W. 153rd St. Continue reading

Snow from the midwest

For a moment, and it was a brief moment, I thought about venturing outside this morning to take some photos of the first major snow storm we’ve experienced in two years.

But then, I figured there would be many people taking photos and sharing them on Facebook, with the local television media, and sending them to relatives and friends via email.

Granddaughter Rylin, however, did enjoy the snow by helping her mom shovel the driveway, then by burrowing herself into the snow, and then finally by making a snowman.

I finally made it outside to help wife Terri shovel our driveway. We had 10 inches of snow.

And now, as I type this, the sleet just stopped and it’s starting to snow again.

Oh to be young again!!!

Rylin shoveling

Rylin shoveling

Rylin covered by snow

Rylin covered by snow

Rylin and her snowman

Rylin and her snowman



Facebook pays no tax on $1.1 billion profit; time to rewrite the tax code

Facebook, which earned $1.1 billion last year, has revealed that because of tax loopholes and deductions, it will not…let me write that again…it will NOT pay any income taxes for 2012. And further more, it will receive, yes RECEIVE, $429 million in tax refunds.

The numbers are based on Facebook’s annual report that was released in January.

Tim Worstall, a contributing writer for Forbes, explains, rather matter-of-factly, how this can happen in his Feb. 19 article. Continue reading

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