Kelsey Smith Foundation gets $10,000 gift from AT&T

AT&T* announced a $10,000 contribution to the Kelsey Smith Foundation (KSF) at the foundation’s 7th Annual Charity Golf Classic this week. The contribution is targeted to help support the Kelsey Smith Foundation’s Safety Awareness Seminar (SAS), which is an evidenced-based seminar that provides information and best practices in situational awareness techniques for youth and young adults.

The program was designed in conjunction with law enforcement and other safety organizations’ input and is targeted to students in grades 7-12, free of charge.

“We are proud to help support such a worthy organization as the Kelsey Smith Foundation, which helps equip young people with information and resources that they can use to protect themselves,” said Steve Hahn, president of AT&T Kansas. Continue reading

Kelsey Smith Foundation Safety Awareness Seminar April 20

The Kelsey Smith Foundation Safety Awareness Seminar has been set for from 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, April 20, at the Overland Park Church of Christ, 13400 W 119th St, Overland Park.

The seminar will provide cutting edge, real-world information that can be implemented to enhance personal safety for youth, young adults and adults.

The SAS is constantly updated with the newest information and research providing the latest in safety and awareness techniques that work in your daily life.

Greg and Missey Smith from the Foundation will be guest speakers. Please invite your teens, young adults and neighbors to this informative event.

Kansas heading toward a dangerous government?

Our illustrious and supposed intelligent elected officials, the folks we sent to Topeka to represent us have done anything but during this 2012 Legislative Session.

These people have yet to come up with a fiscal 2013 state budget, have yet to create a new district map as required by law, have yet to make a decision on tax cuts, and now are working overtime (at taxpayers’ expense) in an effort to do the job during the 90-day session. They were, however, able to create a bill that would prevent judicial or administrative decisions from being based on foreign legal codes as well as passing legislation that push abortion back to filthy rooms in back alleys and performed by unqualified people.

It’s enough to make a person sit back, slap their forehead and ask, “What the hell are these people doing in Topeka?” Continue reading

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