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David Hudnall, with The Pitch, offers his views about Kansas, its politics, and the results of the state’s political climate.

The Pitch‘s guide to Kansas’ shift from far right to very wrong

by David Hudnall

Suicides are up in Kansas — way up.

An October report from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment revealed that 505 Kansans killed themselves in 2012, a startling 31.5 percent jump from the 384 suicides committed in 2011.

That sobering increase can be attributed, in part, to ripple effects from the recession. Suicide numbers tend to climb in economically challenging times.

But the spike also correlates to state policy. From 2009 to 2012, Kansas cut 12.4 percent from its mental-health budget — the ninth-largest decrease in the nation over that period. In Sedgwick County, where 88 people took their lives in 2012, the community mental-health center has lost more than half its state funding since 2009.

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HB 2366 upsets Lawrence blogger

There is a blogger from Lawrence named Meg. She’s a Kansan, loves the Flint Hills and is extremely upset over House Bill 2366.

On her blog, Buttered Toast, she writes about her thoughts of HB 2366, about the person who introduced the bill, Chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee Rep. Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita, and, with the use of what some will consider offensive language, tries to ignite the fires of contempt in Kansans to fight what she considers a gross injustice that would take place if this bill ever sees the light of day.

Her blog entry, Calling All Kansans, provides some background of the bill and Hedke, who has publicly said he doesn’t believe in any global warming theories. Her wrath came from reading this Bloomberg article. Continue reading

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