Jim Smith services May 18-19 in Olathe

Jim smith

Jim smith

James R. “Jim” Smith 76, Gardner Kansas passed away peacefully on May 15, 2015 at the Olathe Hospice House.

He valiantly battled serious health issues since last March.

James was born in Utica, NY on November 18, 1938. He graduated from Mohawk High School and went on to attend college at Ottawa University. He was a four-year letterman in football and track. He graduated with a degree in Science and Physical Education in 1960.

Upon graduation he made the decision to plant his roots here in the Midwest. He married Kansas Girl Arlene Hampton in 1960. His first teaching job was at Stillwell High. He was then hired by Olathe where he started as a biology teacher and coached football, basketball and track. He moved up into administration and became a junior high school principal and eventually the Director of Community Relations. Continue reading

Death relieves Jim Smith’s suffering

From Lauri Orscheln’s Facebook page:

Hi Friends. At 9:40 this morning (Friday, May 15, 2015), James Russell Smith passed away peacefully. His suffering is finally over. Melanie Smith

Romans 14:7-9

7 For none of us lives for ourselves alone, and none of us dies for ourselves alone. 8 If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. 9 For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.

The latest on Jim Smith

This is an update about former Olathe High School football coach and district administrator Jim Smith posted on Lauri Orscheln’s Facebook page:

Our family has had to make a difficult decision today, Wednesday, May 13. Dad is just worn out and he has no fight left. We are moving him to Olathe Hospice House today. He is at peace with this decision and ready for the suffering to stop. He is grateful for all the prayers and kind words. Please keep him in your prayers as he moves down this path. Much Love. Melanie Smith

Tribute to Olathean Jim Smith

My mentor and my student

From the blog of Austin Myers
(Submitted by his grandmother, Linda Myers)

In most forms of media, the reader or viewer will encounter a character of a specific archetype, known as “the mentor.” The purpose of the mentor character is to guide the protagonist, (or protagonists) and teach the necessary lessons they need to learn to overcome various obstacles throughout the story. However, sometimes the mentor also becomes the sacrificial character, either to protect their students or for a greater good. Common examples of this archetype include biblical characters such as Moses, Jesus, Elizabeth, and even God himself in some instances served as a mentor.

In modern media, mentor characters include Zordon from the long lasting Power Rangers series, Obi Wan from Star Wars, Mufasa from the Disney film The Lion King, and finally Mickey Mouse and Master Yen Sid from the popular video game franchise Kingdom Hearts. The mentor character also serves to assist in the growth of the main characters, with the latter sometimes becoming mentor figures themselves. This archetype does not exist merely in fictional media, but in the real world as well, as humans are constantly being taught by others and passing down the knowledge they learned. Continue reading

Jim Smith update

An update on former Olathe High School coach and district administration Jim Smith from his daughter Lauri Orscheln:

Hi Friends. A quick update on Dad. He is still in CCU and fighting like crazy. He was so sick before he went in so it is like he is going straight uphill. They have been able to get him out of bed to sit in a chair so that is great. He may have yanked some various tubes out yesterday and so he’s in a little trouble with his nurses.

Your continued prayers would be greatly appreciated. I read him all your comments and they bring him great joy.

Jim Smith back in hospital

According to his daughter Lauri Orscheln, former Olathe High School football coach and administrator, Jim Smith, has been re-admitted to the Olathe Medical Center. She said he is getting great care and asks for your thoughts and prayers.

Jim Smith back in ICU

The family of former Olathe High School coach and district administrator, Jim Smith,  are asking for your prayers and good thoughts again. According to his daughter Lauri Orscheln, Smith is back in ICU because of some complications in his abdomen. She said he is getting great care at Olathe Medical Center and that doctors there are doing all they can to get his body healed.

“He is still a fighter for sure,” she said.

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