2012: Year of the theme parks

Grandpa Chuck, Sherri and Carys repelling an attack while riding the River Blast.

Grandpa Chuck, Sherri and Carys repelling an attack while riding the River Blast.

Mention a theme park and, well, I’m ready to go. Roller coasters, bumper cars, rides that spin you around and upside down, the games and, yes back then, even the carnival-type food with its tantalizing aroma drifting throughout the park make up some of my most cherished childhood memories.

And theme parks were just as much fun for me when my kids became old enough to take them.

Needless-to-say, I’ve always enjoyed going to theme parks. But in the past few years, the visits to these wonderful places have been few and far between and I figured my attraction to getting on a roller coaster that drops you 60 feet in two seconds and travels through corkscrews at 70-plus miles an hour, had waned and given out to old age.

I was wrong! Continue reading

Granddaughter Ashlyn and the pop gun

An entry in grandpa’s diary

Howdy “D”…

It’s Friday, May 4, 2012.

…Up early today. I slept good last night, but was a little anxious for the morning sun. Babysitting granddaughter, Rylin, today. Supposed to be at my son’s house at 9. So I got there a little early….big deal!

…After making us some “hot tea” on her play kitchen (and it was soooo good, too) I was finally able to get her socks and shoes on; we’re having breakfast this morning…just Rylin and me. Continue reading

Remembering that first catch 18 years ago

I’m getting anxious…antsy anxious…cabin fever kind of anxious for the first weekend in February to get here. My son Justin and I are planning to head to Bennett Spring, Mo., for our first trout fishing jaunt of 2012. I’m so anxious, I went out and bought a new fishing pole and reel and that makes me overly anxious to get to Bennett and put a line in the water.

As I was feeding the line on my new reel the other day, I looked over and saw the reel and pole that I have used the past 18 years. It was January 1994 when Terri and the kids bought that pole and reel for my birthday. Just like today, back then I could hardly wait to try it out. But it would be nine months before that would happen. Continue reading

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