Tribute to Olathean Jim Smith

My mentor and my student

From the blog of Austin Myers
(Submitted by his grandmother, Linda Myers)

In most forms of media, the reader or viewer will encounter a character of a specific archetype, known as “the mentor.” The purpose of the mentor character is to guide the protagonist, (or protagonists) and teach the necessary lessons they need to learn to overcome various obstacles throughout the story. However, sometimes the mentor also becomes the sacrificial character, either to protect their students or for a greater good. Common examples of this archetype include biblical characters such as Moses, Jesus, Elizabeth, and even God himself in some instances served as a mentor.

In modern media, mentor characters include Zordon from the long lasting Power Rangers series, Obi Wan from Star Wars, Mufasa from the Disney film The Lion King, and finally Mickey Mouse and Master Yen Sid from the popular video game franchise Kingdom Hearts. The mentor character also serves to assist in the growth of the main characters, with the latter sometimes becoming mentor figures themselves. This archetype does not exist merely in fictional media, but in the real world as well, as humans are constantly being taught by others and passing down the knowledge they learned. Continue reading

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