What are the Democrats thinking?

President Obama wins the election and for the first time in 20 years the Republicans are offering to break away from their no-tax pledge on the rich in order to reach a compromise agreement with the Democrats. In return, all they are asking is that the Democrats agree to reduce the federal government‘s out-of-control spending.

Seems fair enough. Seems simple enough. So what’s the holdup? Continue reading

Pelosi: A Democratic albatross

U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Calif.,  is to the Democrats what Todd Akin, Mo., is to the Republicans: An albatross!

And today, she announced that she would remain an albatross, er, leader of the Democratic Party in Congress, a position she has held the past 10 years.

First elected to Congress in 1987, Pelosi, 72, became House Minority whip in 2002, became Minority Leader in 2003 and then became the first woman Speaker of the House in 2007 when Democrats took control of the House the last two years of the Bush administration and the first two years of the Obama administration. She served in that position until 2011 when she was again elected the Democratic Leader as Minority Leader after Republicans took control of the House. Continue reading

Want real change? Then change Congress

It will be better for the country if President Obama is re-elected for a second term.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the best man for the job, but historically, good pieces of legislation typically are accomplished in the second term of a two-term president that benefit the country as a whole no matter whether the president is a Republican or Democrat.

That’s because Congress and the Senate are the two chambers that wield the power and in the first term of virtually every modern presidency, partisanship gridlock prevails. The party not represented in the White House locks arms and does everything possible to block legislation to make the president look bad and be vulnerable in the next presidential election.

But in the second term, the pressure to stifle what is then a lame-duck president is not as great and that leads to better legislation, increased compromise between the parties, and beneficial action for the Middle Class so that elected officials can go back to their constituents with a list of accomplishments to justify their bid for the mid-term re-election cycle. Continue reading

Obama knew but didn’t level with the American people

The White House knew, even as bullets were ringing out and ripping into walls, as fires raged from explosions, that the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 killing U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans was a deliberate act of terrorism being carried out by a Libyan Islamic militant group.

According to an Associated Press article, emails obtained by Reuters that were sent from U.S. diplomats back to Washington, even as the attack was happening, reveal that within two hours after the deadly assault officials at the White House and State Department were told that a terrorist group called Ansar al-Sharia was claiming credit for the attack. Continue reading

Message from the rich is clear: Vote Romney or get fired!

It’s bad enough that there are so many people in this country, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who don’t take the time or interest in finding out for themselves which political candidate might best represent them.

Sadly, too many of them cast their ballots based on the political propaganda they see on television. Some get their directions from religious leaders. Others simply wait until they receive in the mail the candidate endorsements from the political action groups they support. For example, Kansas Republicans have Kansans for Life endorsements and Kansas Democrats have Mainstream Coalition. Continue reading

Round one: Romney

If the presidential debates were a boxing match, round one goes to challenger Mitt Romney.

President Obama, who has been leading in every poll taken, had a chance to deliver a first-round, knockout punch Wednesday night. Instead, he rope-a-doped around, had to dodge several Romney punches, even got pelted by a few aggressive jabs and stumbled on a solid Romney right hook to the jaw: “You could have hired 2 million teachers with that $90 million you spent on green energy companies, many of them that contributed to your campaign, and many of them that have failed.” Continue reading

Obama: The job creator?

Despite all the Congressional roadblocks by Republicans; despite inheriting the worst economic disaster in the nation’s history; and despite all the negative Republican political rhetoric this campaign season about how President Obama’s efforts to create jobs has failed, well, recent figures indicate that jobs have been created in the past three years.

According to the Labor Department, 4.3 million jobs were lost in the year following Obama’s inauguration. But since then, 4.4 million jobs have been added.

This doesn’t mean happy days are here nor does it mean the nation can breathe a collective sigh of relief. There still are a lot of people out of work and looking for jobs and no matter who becomes president in January, there’s a lot of work yet to be done to strengthen the nation’s economy and it getting more people back to work.

And that means Republicans AND Democrats must work together, must compromise to come up with legislation designed benefit all Americans.

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