Olathe workers continue flood response

Crews from a number of City of Olathe departments have been working since well before sunrise responding to high water throughout the city.  A number of areas, especially in southeast portions of Olathe, experienced a 25 to 100 year flood event due to the excessive rainfall.  Initial reports suggest over 3.5 inches of rain fell over a brief period of time in areas of the city already saturated from previous showers.

At the height of the event, there were over 10 street closures, including three major intersections.  The Olathe Fire Department performed numerous water rescues at thirteen separate locations.  Fortunately, there are no reported life-threatening injuries or fatalities, and all intersections have re-opened. Continue reading

Nearly 5 inches of rain falls on Olathe

Nearly 5 inches of rain fell on Olathe beginning about 4 a.m. Friday, May 31, and ending about 6:30. For the week, nearly 7 inches of rain has now fallen in Olathe and Johnson County.

The heavy downpour caused flooding in many areas of Olathe and the Olathe Fire Department reported several water rescues, especially in the 139th and Mur-Len and Lindenwood areas near Indian Creek.

Freelance videographer Matthew Hicks was up early Friday morning and captured the following video footage.

A foggy, rainy day in and around Olathe

Calm winds and foggy day in and around Olathe could be the prelude of thunderstorms and a lot of rain Wednesday night, April 17, into Thursday. Click here for ViewFromTheMidwest.com’s weather link.


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