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Indiana, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Poe’s Law

Paul D. Wilson

Paul D. Wilson

On Thursday, Indiana lawmakers made changes to RFRA to calm the national tsunami of gay discontent flooding the state. This isn’t new, Indiana joined 20 other states, giving businesses the right to not provide services to the gay community if that conflicts with their religious views.

Or, as Seinfeld’s Soup Nazzi said, “No SOUP for you [GAYS]!”

“The change in the RFRA law will hopefully put an end to the greatest misperception of all: that Indiana’s people discriminate, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Senate President Pro Tempore David Long.

This came after a host of organizations and groups from the band Wilco to 10 states and municipalities announced they were pulling out of conferences and events as a result of the law’s backlash. Continue reading

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