Alleged scam is urban legend

This is a scam that can be done anywhere: retail, wholesale, any location. Or so the story goes.

Allegedly it happened to a person who had purchased items at a Wal-Mart. But, according to, this reported scam is nothing more than an urban legend.

Here is what is alleged: Continue reading

Scammers using county sheriff’s phone number

There has been several reports of scammers using a telephone number registered to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to solicit money.

The scam involves a person calling from what appears to be the main non-emergency dispatch phone number (913-782-0720) and identifying themselves as an employee with the sheriff’s office.  The caller tells the potential victim that they have a warrant and will need to give the caller money or they will be arrested.

The sheriff’s office became aware of this scam after being notified by residents who had received calls and were concerned it might have been a scam.

The sheriff’s office procedure for contacting those with warrants does not include a demand for immediate bond payment.  Anyone believing they have been a victim of the scam should contact the sheriff’s office or their local police department.

There is a resource for the public to check on outstanding warrants out of Johnson County District Court at


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