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(EDITOR’S NOTE: David Chartrand is the writing coach for a class of student journalists at Benedictine College. The following editorial piece is a sample of some of the students’ work.)

Social media, and depressed teens: A dangerous formula

by Adam Przybylski
Journalism and Mass Communications
Benedictine College

The Internet is a dangerous place to wander, a maze filled with strangers and hostile people.

David and Normal Walker of Dallas learned just how dangerous after the suicide last Christmas of Sadie, their 15-year-old daughter. The Walkers learned that Sadie had recently, and secretly, created an account on the social media website, Instagram, to connect with other teens about suicide and depression. Continue reading


Cable TV, social media, words of wisdom and a terrific coffee shop

Oops…forget that last one!

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

Raise a hand if you believe it’s technologically impossible to use local cable TV channels to deliver social media to the elderly and isolated.

  Many do not use computers or the internet; their entertainment is television. Cable TV can instantly deliver emails and pictures from relatives, friends and loved ones. TIP: Your elected city officials regulate cable television service, which gives them power to demand that available channels be used to deliver public services.

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Been swamped lately with tutoring requests from grad students  and young professionals seeking help with their writing skills. Word is out that good writing = good jobs. Continue reading

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