Some things that should make us ponder

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

Pan-Arab broadcaster Al Jazeera says its U.S. news network will offer serious reporting, less yelling and shrill commentary, and less coverage of celebrities — a programming formula certain to alienate American viewers.


There are two ways to protect your privacy:  Rely on Congress to do it, or stay off the internet.  Both may require prescription drugs.


Is it okay now  to quit reading about that obscenely rich fellow who bought The Washington Post?  Supreme Court nominees have received less public scrutiny. Continue reading

Report details dwindling school funding in Brownback’s FY 2015 budget

From the Lawrence Journal World

Report says schools underfunded $657 million in FY 2015

By Peter Hancock
Posted Monday, June 17, 2013

The two-year budget that Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law Saturday under-funds Kansas public schools by an estimated $657 million in the second year, according to an analysis by the Kansas State Department of Education.

That’s the difference between how much the legislature approved in various categories of K-12 education spending for fiscal year 2015 and how much is supposed to be spent according to formulas outlined in current law. Continue reading

A middle America discussion before breakfast

Sitting in the living room of the ocean front beach house in Ocean Shores, Wash., where we are staying this weekend with our daughter, Jessica, her boyfriend Eric and his parents Oscar and Angela.

The house belongs to Spencer and Tora, friends of Jessie and Eric.

Somehow the early morning conversation centered on the U. S. Supreme Court‘s decision upholding the health care reform law that’s become known as “Obamacare.” Continue reading

Correct ruling on Obamacare

So the United States Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare.

Given the Court’s conservative makeup, I’m stunned.

I’m surprised.

I’m shocked.

I’m pleasantly pleased. Continue reading

Supreme Court next stop for same-sex marriage?

I’m not a betting man, but I like the odds that the conservative-slanted U.S. Supreme Court soon will have to make a decision on whether to hear constitutional arguments about same-sex marriages. That’s because the showdown between conservatives’ definition of morality, same-sex marriage and the conservative-slanted United States Supreme Court took a step closer today, Feb. 7, with a decision by a California federal appeals panel overturning that state’s ban on same-sex marriage known as Proposition 8.

In making the ruling, the three-member panel said Proposition 8, which was approved by 52 percent of the state’s voters in 2008 and amended the state’s constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman, is in violation of the constitutional right to equal protection. Continue reading

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