Falling through the cracks of KanCare

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was submitted by Finn Bullers, former Johnson County reporter for The Kansas City Star.)

Dear Chuck –

All reports out of Topeka say everything is grand as the state moves forward on its “historic state reorganization” of Medicaid under the banner of “KanCare.”

But $1 billion in taxpayer savings is taking a toll on Medicaid recipients, who are paying the price for the political expediency and conservative dogma that says saving dollars is a higher priority than saving lives. Here is my first-blush impression of KanCare and how it is affecting me and my fellow Kansans who must rely on the state to survive. Continue reading

Kansas heading toward a dangerous government?

Our illustrious and supposed intelligent elected officials, the folks we sent to Topeka to represent us have done anything but during this 2012 Legislative Session.

These people have yet to come up with a fiscal 2013 state budget, have yet to create a new district map as required by law, have yet to make a decision on tax cuts, and now are working overtime (at taxpayers’ expense) in an effort to do the job during the 90-day session. They were, however, able to create a bill that would prevent judicial or administrative decisions from being based on foreign legal codes as well as passing legislation that push abortion back to filthy rooms in back alleys and performed by unqualified people.

It’s enough to make a person sit back, slap their forehead and ask, “What the hell are these people doing in Topeka?” Continue reading

Mail tampering or mail fraud? You decide

Are you tired of paying taxes to support Johnson County Community College? Do you think you were scammed into voting to have your tax dollars support the Johnson County Education and Research Triangle?

If so, then consider joining my organization: Johnson Countians Against Frivolous Tax Spending (JCAFTS). Continue reading

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