Getting sick can make you feel better

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

A lifetime of luxury could be a legal defense for serious crimes committed by the spoiled rich who claim they didn’t know better.

At least that’s the argument now advanced by attorneys for Texas teen Ethan Couch who was driving drunk when he caused a crash that left four people dead in June.

Simply put, the defense calls Couch’s condition “affluenza,” a condition stemming from having wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for him. Continue reading

Further proof they are idiots!

From the Huffington Post:

Rep. Randy Neugebauer’s (R-Tex.) Wednesday confrontation of a poor park ranger on the scene — who was doing nothing more than her job — blaming her for the closure he voted for and telling her that she should be ashamed of herself.


Sheriff’s office initiates emergency procedures

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is initiating emergency operating procedures for tonight through Tuesday, Feb. 26,due to the severe predicted winter storm.  This procedure will affect non-injury accidents and towing of abandoned vehicles.

If anyone is involved in a non-injury accident, the Sheriff’s Office asks that they move their vehicle off the roadway and walk in their report to the Johnson County Courthouse at 125 N. Cherry in Olathe or the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Operations building at 27747 West 159th Street in New Century, Kansas north of Gardner, Kansas.  The Sheriff’s Office will respond to all injury accidents as normal.

As part of emergency operations, the Sheriff’s Office will be towing cars at the owner’s expense, which were left on the roadway from the last storm.  This will include major thorough fares and side roads.


Information for first-time Kansas voters

If you’re a first-time voter in Kansas, here is some registration information from the Johnson County Election Office that you need to know before you’re allowed to vote. Not that forms mentioned in this notice are available online at the Johnson County Election Office website.

Effective Jan. 1, 2013, any person registering to vote in Kansas for the first time is required to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship.

If you do not provide a citizenship document when you complete your voter registration application, you must submit it to the county election office. You may submit it by mail, hand delivery, fax or email. Continue reading

Ouch! Kansas, the purple state

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback recently said in his State of the State Address, “Look out, Texas, her comes Kansas!”

The following is an interesting view on what is taking place in Kansas politics during Brownback’s reign. It’s by Huffington Post freelance writer Jeffrey Ann Goudie, who grew up in Midland, Texas, and now lives in Topeka having moved to Kansas several years ago.

She says despite its national image of being a red state, Kansas actually was a good mix of all views making it a progressive purple. But because Brownback, et al, has made the state so red because of his aggressive attack policies on public education, social programs, and tax cuts, the state is now purple because of bruising.

Click here to read her article.


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