High water, cloudy skies, but a good time catching a few trout

Yours truly and fishing buddy AJ Lang took some time this past weekend to do some angling for trout at Bennett Spring State Park about 15 miles west of Lebanon, Mo. Two of the three days were cool and cloudy with some occasional rain. The water was high and moving fast making catching fish more difficult. And while I only was able to hook four trout (and I threw one back because it was so small) in three days, AJ had much better luck catching his limit.

Enjoy the video…


Mind’s eye journey to find the source of those ‘voices’

It wasn’t long after my wife Terri had left for work this past Monday that I had sat down in front of the computer, placed my morning cup of coffee at the side and then began typing one of several articles I had planned to do that day.

It was a nice morning. The sun was shining. The wind blew through the branches of the tree outside the window and I could tell it was going to be a good day; more-than-likely a motorcycle-riding day — providing I could get my articles finished.

Blaring from my iTunes selections was Bob Dylan’sLike A Rolling Stone” and my fingers were pounding the keys in rhythm with the music.

(Once upon a time you dressed so fine … Threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you? … People call, say, “Beware doll, you’re bound to fall,” you thought they were all  … a kiddin’ you…)

I was in my “writer’s zone” with the words flowing from my mind through my fingers and onto the screen.

It was magical. Continue reading

Trout plus The Shack equals a great time

One of my two 14-inch trout caught this past week.

I am not an expert angler. I am not an expert at fly fishing. And I’m certainly not an expert at catching trout.

But boy do I enjoy trying!

And since my brother, Mark’s motorcycle broke down and we were unable to go on our trip to Colorado, I decided to go fishing instead. Continue reading

Just one trout, but always a lot of fun


Sunday night dinner at Bennett Spring, Mo., included the 14-inch trout Chuck Kurtz caught along with the 12-incher caught by angling buddy Pete Oppermann.

“Let’s go to Bennett!”

The weather was supposed to be decent and, well, fishing and motorcycle buddy Pete Oppermann, Olathe, didn’t have to ask me twice. So about 6 on a Saturday night, he and I headed down to the Trout Shack at Bennett Spring State Park, Mo., with thoughts of landing our trout limit.

“It’s going to be a good trip,” I told him. “I checked the website and they are hitting on just about anything black and yellow, especially maribou.”

And that color combination has always — ALWAYS — been good for me in catching trout. Continue reading

Learning the rules of fishing at Branson

It was this big

Yours truly (center) demonstrates how big the trout was that he caught but eventually let go during a fishing trip to Branson, Mo., with buddies Bob Montgomery (left) and Pete Oppermann (right). The demonstration may be a bit exaggerated.

A small break in the legislative window was all that District 26 Rep. Bob Montgomery, R-Olathe, needed to get away for a day-and-a-half of fishing this past weekend. And he didn’t have to ask twice for Olathe landscape architect Pete Oppermann and me to tag along for a quick jaunt to Branson, Mo., and Taneycomo.

We were on the road before 5:30 last Sunday morning. It was a great sunrise and with traffic light we were making good time while talking politics, fishing, and about our lives in general.

After a quick stop at a local angler shop to get some information on what the trout were hitting on, we pulled into the parking lot just below the dam and within minutes were in the water. I felt a solid hit on my first cast. I slowly reeled it it and it was putting up a pretty good fight swimming from one side to the other and then quickly darting towards me and back out again. Continue reading

Stuffy nose stops first trout trip of 2012

Fixed leak in waders?


Plastic bags in cooler for trout?


Fishing poles lined up and ready to go?


Clothes packed? Continue reading

Remembering that first catch 18 years ago

I’m getting anxious…antsy anxious…cabin fever kind of anxious for the first weekend in February to get here. My son Justin and I are planning to head to Bennett Spring, Mo., for our first trout fishing jaunt of 2012. I’m so anxious, I went out and bought a new fishing pole and reel and that makes me overly anxious to get to Bennett and put a line in the water.

As I was feeding the line on my new reel the other day, I looked over and saw the reel and pole that I have used the past 18 years. It was January 1994 when Terri and the kids bought that pole and reel for my birthday. Just like today, back then I could hardly wait to try it out. But it would be nine months before that would happen. Continue reading

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