Kansas heading toward a dangerous government?

Our illustrious and supposed intelligent elected officials, the folks we sent to Topeka to represent us have done anything but during this 2012 Legislative Session.

These people have yet to come up with a fiscal 2013 state budget, have yet to create a new district map as required by law, have yet to make a decision on tax cuts, and now are working overtime (at taxpayers’ expense) in an effort to do the job during the 90-day session. They were, however, able to create a bill that would prevent judicial or administrative decisions from being based on foreign legal codes as well as passing legislation that push abortion back to filthy rooms in back alleys and performed by unqualified people.

It’s enough to make a person sit back, slap their forehead and ask, “What the hell are these people doing in Topeka?” Continue reading

Religious debate just the start of election year with historic negative campaigns

There’s been a lot said and many articles written about how the federal government, and more specifically President Obama, is trying to force faith-based institutions, specifically those operated by the Catholic religion, to provide health insurance that covers abortion and free disbursement of contraceptives to employees.

But it’s just the beginning of an election year that promises to be filled with combative and extremely negative campaign advertising and literature aimed at political candidates. Continue reading

Budget battle or playing into Brownback’s plan

Ultra conservative Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback isn’t the little engine that thought he could. No, he’s the diesel locomotive barreling down the tracks at full speed.

So when Brownback, in his State of the State speech last January, presented his budget plan that included sweeping and dramatic changes in the state’s tax code, he likely thought the tracks ahead of him were clear of all legislative clutter given the fact conservatives control the Kansas House and are just a few seats shy of controlling the Senate.

For years, conservatives fought, and usually lost to, moderate Republican and Democratic governors in trying to create legislation to diminish government and pass conservative agenda items. And now, finally, standing before them was a governor wanting to shrink government, reduce spending, reduce taxes, improve the business climate especially for small businesses, and put money back into the pockets of Kansans.

Brownback is the kind of governor conservative legislators have wanted in office for years. Continue reading

Choosing outdated laws to repeal

After taking office last year, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback created the Office of the Repealer. It’s within the Kansas Department of Administration. And today, Jan. 20, under the watchful eye of Administration secretary Dennis Taylor, the governor proudly released a list of 51 regulations, laws and executive orders the Repealer Czar is recommending for repeal.

Pardon me while I sit back, rub my eyes and scratch my forehead.

It’s not that I don’t agree stupid and outdated laws should be retired. My concern is the cost effectiveness of creating this Repealer office. How much is it costing Kansas taxpayers to have someone research the books to find these ridiculous laws. And in 150 years of Kansas’ statehood, the Repealer Czar only could come up with 51 laws targeted to be repealed?

An effort like this, I think, would be an excellent college project, especially for some wannabe lawyers and Political Science majors at Washburn University in Topeka. It could be a great project for a team of students or for someone seeking their masters or doctorate. Continue reading

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