Alleged scam is urban legend

This is a scam that can be done anywhere: retail, wholesale, any location. Or so the story goes.

Allegedly it happened to a person who had purchased items at a Wal-Mart. But, according to, this reported scam is nothing more than an urban legend.

Here is what is alleged: Continue reading

County appraiser: Positive news…finally!

report cover pageAfter several years of presenting disappointing news and negative percentages in his reappraisal report, Johnson County Appraiser Paul Welcome now doesn’t mind traveling around the county spreading the news to city councils and chambers of commerce that the local market value for the county final is positive.

“We’re definitely going in the right direction,” Welcome said Thursday, March 21. “We’re on an upswing. I would say the low was probably 2009 and if you start looking at all the different products that we have as far as office, retail, apartments and everything, 2009 seems to be the low point.

“We built 651 homes that year and last year we built 1200-plus homes. So we’re starting to see the recovery and the recovery usually comes in this way. You start with apartments, second is industrial, third is office, and fourth is retail.” Continue reading

The real problem for consumers: oil speculators

According to leaked emails by top Wal-Mart officials, February has not been a good month financially for the retail giant.

Bloomeberg’s BusinessInsider reports the emails term February as a “total disaster” and blame the expiration of the payroll tax cuts for the weak sales.

“Where are the customers…Where’s their money?” asked Cameron Geiger, the company’s senior vice president for U.S. Replenishment. Continue reading

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