Don’t suffer from Voter Insanity

Chuck Kurtz

Chuck Kurtz

As voters, sadly probably not that many, cast their ballots in today’s mid-term primary election, I offer a simple observation.

It is not designed to be an endorsement of any candidate or party. Merely just something to think about while in the voting booth.

In the past 6 years — even the past 14 years, which covers the terms of two presidents, one Republican and one Democrat — what have our elected officials in Washington accomplished to better our country, to provide the opportunities for individuals to improve their lives? Continue reading

Washington stupidity at its best

Chuck Kurtz

Chuck Kurtz

So, let me see if I understand this correctly…

House Republicans shut down the government because President Obama and the Senate refuse to negotiate anything that has to do with The Affordable Care Act.

Non-essential government workers are sent home, non-essential government programs and institutions are stopped and closed; the government tried to bar WWII veterans from visiting the World War II Memorial and an innocent young park ranger was verbally accosted by Congressman Randy Neugebauer who told her her she should be ashamed even though he voted to shutdown the government; it is barricading scenic roadside parking areas to prevent people from viewing Mt. Rushmore; closing parking lots to privately run businesses that happen to be on government land; forcing people, including physically handicapped seniors, from their homes that sit on government park land; and not allowing privately run charter fishing businesses to operate off the coast of Florida are just a few examples. Continue reading

Government shutdown a backdoor plan aimed at Obamacare?

One health insurance insider says yes

Despite reports that the government shutdown is not and will not stop The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to take effect, is it possible that Republican leaders and conservative political backers saw the shutdown as their Plan B if they could not get the president and Senate Democrats to delay its implementation as part of a budget agreement?

A person, who asked not to be identified, but has high-level connections with a local health insurance company that has been interfacing with Washington to determine how to code software to administer the health care exchanges, says yes.

While the president maintains the ACA cannot be touched or affected by the government shutdown and has said the long delays and online problems in the first two days of the law taking effect is due to the overwhelming number of people trying to use it. Continue reading

The real problem for consumers: oil speculators

According to leaked emails by top Wal-Mart officials, February has not been a good month financially for the retail giant.

Bloomeberg’s BusinessInsider reports the emails term February as a “total disaster” and blame the expiration of the payroll tax cuts for the weak sales.

“Where are the customers…Where’s their money?” asked Cameron Geiger, the company’s senior vice president for U.S. Replenishment. Continue reading

Brunch in the Space Needle

Wife Terri and I recently were in Seattle to visit daughter Jessica and her fiancee Eric and the last day there they treated us to brunch in the Space Needle, which was built for the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962.

The view was tremendous and the food was superb! Enjoy the trip.


Message to Congress: Do something, damn it!

The Mayans might have been a few days off on what doomsayers claimed would be the end of the world on 12-21-2012.

Instead, it could come at midnight on Dec. 31 if Washington continues to do nothing about the impending fiscal cliff.

Partisan politics continues to polarize Congress and the lack of action by elected officials to do anything about the expected recession-causing fiscal cliff has the stock market diving this morning. Continue reading

A middle America discussion before breakfast

Sitting in the living room of the ocean front beach house in Ocean Shores, Wash., where we are staying this weekend with our daughter, Jessica, her boyfriend Eric and his parents Oscar and Angela.

The house belongs to Spencer and Tora, friends of Jessie and Eric.

Somehow the early morning conversation centered on the U. S. Supreme Court‘s decision upholding the health care reform law that’s become known as “Obamacare.” Continue reading

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