Powerful storm produces tornadoes in Kansas

According to an article by the Associated Press, a powerful storm system rumbled through the Plains and upper Midwest on Sunday, spawning tornadoes that damaged roofs and structures near Oklahoma City and kicked up debris in Wichita, Kan.

There were no immediate reports of injuries caused by the funnel cloud that touched down in the Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond before moving off to the northeast, or the one that touched down near Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport late Sunday afternoon.

Forecasters had been warning for days that a big storm may barrel through the region over the weekend, and emergency responders were keeping a close eye on the system in several other states, including Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Texas.

In Wichita, there were few reports of damage after a storm hit near the airport shortly before 4 p.m. Sedgwick County (Kan.) Emergency Management Director Randy Duncan said officials were “very grateful” that the storm wasn’t more severe.

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Which Kansas is that?

Guest Editorial: From the Wichita Eagle

Gov. Sam Brownback drew the honor Saturday of delivering the Republican weekly address, which is meant to respond to the Democratic president’s weekly address. In the process, Brownback painted an unrecognizable picture of the state after two years of his leadership.

After saying “you change America by changing the states,” Brownback ran into trouble with some specifics of what he called Kansas’ “financial turnaround.”

When he said Kansas went from having $876.05 in the bank to a $500 million ending balance two years later “and did it without tax increases,” he left out the part where a 1 percent sales-tax increase passed in 2010 sustained state revenues and state services as the federal stimulus money dried up and the economy struggled. Nor did he mention that he campaigned against the temporary sales-tax hike in 2010, helped last year to oust moderate Republican legislators who had voted for it and now wants the 2013 Legislature to make it permanent.

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Pondering Boeing’s closing

When Boeing announced just after the first of the year that it was going to close its Wichita plant by the end of 2013 and wiping out 2,160 jobs, it didn’t just take local and state officials by surprise, it down right made them angry. Boeing, afterall, had been in Wichita for more than 80 years providing well-paying jobs and just recently was the benefactor of hard work by those same local and state officials in getting the company an U.S. Air Force contract to build mid-air refueling tankers, which Boeing said would support more than 7,500 local jobs.

Just goes to prove that in the corporate world there is no loyalty to anyone but the stock holders; there are no thanks for tax incentives; there is no regard for loyal employees.

And as I read the stories along with the reaction it got me to wondering about how much influence Alan Mulally had in keeping Boeing in Kansas when he served as that company’s president? Continue reading

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