Winter weather update for Olathe

Crews continue 24/7 snow operations with large trucks focused on main roadways (arterials and collector streets) and smaller trucks moving into residential areas.  Road conditions are slick and drivers can expect windrows (piled snow) at intersections.  This is unavoidable given the amount of snow accumulation.

“Because of the volume of wet, heavy snow, our progress isn’t as quick as usual,” said Public Works Director Ron Norris.  “Our vehicles have been running non-stop, and we have a few plows down as a result. We’ll move larger trucks into neighborhoods as soon as possible.  We appreciate the patience and cooperation of our residents,” Norris said. Continue reading

Sheriff’s office initiates emergency procedures

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is initiating emergency operating procedures for tonight through Tuesday, Feb. 26,due to the severe predicted winter storm.  This procedure will affect non-injury accidents and towing of abandoned vehicles.

If anyone is involved in a non-injury accident, the Sheriff’s Office asks that they move their vehicle off the roadway and walk in their report to the Johnson County Courthouse at 125 N. Cherry in Olathe or the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Operations building at 27747 West 159th Street in New Century, Kansas north of Gardner, Kansas.  The Sheriff’s Office will respond to all injury accidents as normal.

As part of emergency operations, the Sheriff’s Office will be towing cars at the owner’s expense, which were left on the roadway from the last storm.  This will include major thorough fares and side roads.


Prepare for Storm No. 2 urge Johnson County Sheriff’s Department

A second winter storm is moving into Kansas bringing with it the potential for freezing rain, sleet, ice and 6-12 inches of snow for a large portion of the state.  Officials are urging everyone to prepare now for this storm by making sure your home and car are supplied with emergency kits and supplies such as food, water, medicine, blankets and other essential items.

Last week’s snow event gave us a precursor for what to expect.  Preparing early with the proper supplies will enable residents to stay off the roads when the storm arrives.  If you must travel in the upcoming winter storm, please check the following items to prepare your vehicle. Check the fluids, ensuring that the radiator is winterized, the gas tank is over half-full, and there is plenty of windshield washing fluid.  Additionally, when on the road, leave extra room between cars, slow down and make sure everyone is wearing a seat belt.  Cell phones need to be fully charged as well.  Please exercise caution and patience as we all work together to get through round two.

If you are on the road and find yourself needing assistance during the storm please call 911 or *47 for the Kansas Highway Patrol.  Before heading out you can check road conditions at .



Snow from the midwest

For a moment, and it was a brief moment, I thought about venturing outside this morning to take some photos of the first major snow storm we’ve experienced in two years.

But then, I figured there would be many people taking photos and sharing them on Facebook, with the local television media, and sending them to relatives and friends via email.

Granddaughter Rylin, however, did enjoy the snow by helping her mom shovel the driveway, then by burrowing herself into the snow, and then finally by making a snowman.

I finally made it outside to help wife Terri shovel our driveway. We had 10 inches of snow.

And now, as I type this, the sleet just stopped and it’s starting to snow again.

Oh to be young again!!!

Rylin shoveling

Rylin shoveling

Rylin covered by snow

Rylin covered by snow

Rylin and her snowman

Rylin and her snowman



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