Washington stupidity at its best

Chuck Kurtz

Chuck Kurtz

So, let me see if I understand this correctly…

House Republicans shut down the government because President Obama and the Senate refuse to negotiate anything that has to do with The Affordable Care Act.

Non-essential government workers are sent home, non-essential government programs and institutions are stopped and closed; the government tried to bar WWII veterans from visiting the World War II Memorial and an innocent young park ranger was verbally accosted by Congressman Randy Neugebauer who told her her she should be ashamed even though he voted to shutdown the government; it is barricading scenic roadside parking areas to prevent people from viewing Mt. Rushmore; closing parking lots to privately run businesses that happen to be on government land; forcing people, including physically handicapped seniors, from their homes that sit on government park land; and not allowing privately run charter fishing businesses to operate off the coast of Florida are just a few examples. Continue reading

Just under the wire; OP couple packing to move ASAP

Freelance writer/editor

Facing an 8 a.m. eviction today, Thursday, May 16, an Overland Park U.S. Army veteran and his wife, who has dementia, have been busy packing up a lifetime of possessions to avoid being escorted out of their home by Johnson County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

“I’m 90 percent sure we have a place to stay,” the Army veteran said Wednesday in a telephone interview.

For now, it appears as if the immediate troubles facing Robert “Bob” Millard, 88, a stateside medical technician during World War II, and his wife Dolores, a homemaker with advanced stage dementia, are over.

Only days ago, the Millards faced the prospect of being evicted with no place to go. And no Plan B.

But for weeks, health aides have been scrambling behind the scenes on behalf of the couple to find a solution to their dilemma. Continue reading

‘Spring forward’ tonight

Before you go to sleep tonight, Saturday, March 9, don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour. If you don’t, then you’re going to be late for anything you have scheduled Sunday.

Here’s some history about switching to Daylight Saving (not Savings) Time, according to The Lookout: Continue reading

An ‘old dude’ in a young man’s medium

I was babysitting the grandkids Wednesday afternoon, watching Rylin 3, play with her toy trains while I kept busy entertaining her sister Ashlyn, 7 months, by making goofy faces and strange sounds when my cell phone rang.

It was Max with Huffington Post Live.

“We’re doing a segment on the debt ceiling, the fiscal cliff and the trillion dollar coin,” he said. “We would like for you to be part of the panel.”

It’s the second time I been asked to take part in a HuffPost Live discussion. Last October, I was invited to take part in a discussion that focused on the overpayment of about $14 billion last year that was paid out through the unemployment insurance system in the country. It’s a pretty simple and painless project I can do at home via my computer while wearing my sweatpants and a nice shirt or sweater. Continue reading

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